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SKU Torrent Streak

Super Fly... Super Fine!

This bad, mamma jamma, is a super-sharp beam fixture that's cold as ice! The Torrent Streak is one fly fixture that's not to be messed with. Powered by a single source, 75w Luminus LED, this fixture is truly boss! As the long awaited successor to the Torrent 90 Beam, we've drastically improved output while decreasing power draw by using a brand new LED engine and stunning, cutom designed all-glass optics. The Torrent Streak's beam blows the tube socks off conventional discharge beam fixtures costing 5 times as much!

The Torrent Streak features 1 x 75w 6500K LED light source that produces an ultra-narrow, sharp, 2° beam angle. The Torrent Streak features a superfly 8-facet prism, for way out patterns and aeriel effects that are too fab for words! It has 3 user-selectable DMX modes with 11, 13 or 15 channels to choose from. The Torrent Streak also has a switchable 540°/630° pan and 270° tilt, along with 3-phase motors, with 8/16-bit resolution. Its color wheel with 11 colors, plus open, also includes UV and it has 1 gobo wheel with 11 static gobos. This is just a few of its many funky features!

The Torrent Streak comes equipped with an easy-to-use LCD 4-button control panel, industry standard powerCON® compatible power In/Out connections, DMX In/Out jacks, and dual quarter-turn Omega quick connect type clamp brackets, making this a psychedelic, super-rad moving beam fixture!

The Torrent Streak has built-in sound active and 8 automatic programs, as well as master/slave options. But, the lowdown is the DMX recorder/editor built-in for standalone operation.

With its razor-sharp beam and funkadelic options, this cool cat will for rizzle impress you! Can you dig it?

1x Luminus CBT-140 75W LED, 6500K light source
Ultra-narrow, sharp 2 degree beam angle
3-phase pan/tilt motors with 8/16-bit resolution
Switchable 540/630 degree pan and 270 degree tilt
Static gobo wheel with 11 gobos
Color wheel: 11 colors (including UV) + open
Variable direction rainbow effects with adjustable speeds
Electronic dimmer and focus
8-facet prism with variable speed and direction
Motorized linear iris with pulse/burst functions
Variable linear frost filter
0-100% 16-bit electronic dimmer
0-20Hz strobe w/random, pulse in/pulse out functions
11/13/15 channel modes including custom design mode
8 easy-to-use built-in programs
LCD-based menu system
DMX recorder/editor built-in for standalone operation
Variable speed cooling fans with smart LED protection
¼-turn omega style clamp brackets
POWERCON-compatible power in/out -