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Blizzard Lighting Hot Box RGBAW (Blizzard HotBox 5 RGBWA)

HotBox RGBAW : So cool, it's HOT!

The box... one of the most useful, time tested, and attractive 3-dimensional shapes ever created is once again new and improved!

Just like its big brother the RokBox, the HotBox RGBAW also offers cutting-edge 5-in-1 LEDs, advanced electronics, a rock solid super-cool aluminum casing with dual hanging brackets and secure grip locking knobs, but in an even more compact/portable cute little package!

The HotBox RGBAW puts out a ton of light with 7x 15-watt (5 x 3W) RGBAW 5-in-1 LEDs.

The easy to use built-in 4-button LED control panel also allows total control over the fixture including sound active mode, built-in programs, and user adjustable strobe effects for a totally rocking light show. The HotBox RGBAW also comes equipped with industry standard powerCON compatible power input/output/

You can take also full advantage of Blizzards wiCICLE wireless DMX system without the need for external power thanks to the wiCICLE enabled DMX jacks!

Add some sizzle to your light show with the HotBox RGBAW!

The power connector fitted to the fixture and fixture cord are designed for compatibility with products manufactured by Neutrik AG, Neutrik USA and their related entities, however they are not manufactured by, affiliated with or endorsed by Neutrik AG, Neutrik USA, or any related entity. Neutrik and powerCON are registered trademarks of Neutrik AG.


7x 15-watt (5 x 3W) RGBAW 5-in-1 LEDs
32-bit dimming
Built-in programs
4-button LED control panel
Sound active
PowerCon compatible AC power In/Out connectors
Able to directly power the wiCICLE wireless system via DMX