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Blizzard Lighting Blade QFX (Blizzard BADE-QFX)

Blade QFX: Fast, Bright, & Ultra-Sharp Optics!

Blade QFX The Blade QFX moving head beam combines blinding light output, surgically precise movement and a razor-sharp 10° degree beam angle that will dazzle your audiences as its beautifully mixed RGBW colors slice through the air! It also features a way cool 4x3 LED dot matrix effect in any mode, which allows the fixture to split the colors of its own beam for an extra cool 4-quadrant pixel effect!

It comes fitted with 12x 10-watt super bright CREE® 4-in-1 RGBW LED's, which combined with its incredibly narrow beam angle make the Blade QFX an awesome aerial performer in a tiny, lightweight package. Plus, thanks to advanced motor technology and innovative design, the Blade QFX is one of the fastest, most accurate moving head fixtures you'll ever see!

The Blade QFX is a snap to program and easy on the eyes, thanks to its 4-button LCD menu display. Plus, it has plenty of extras usually only found on fixtures with a much higher price tag. PowerCON compatible power in and out connectors make for secure power connections, smooth 16-bit dimming, defeatable pan/tilt correction with trim adjustment, built-in automated & sound activated programs via master/slave, and fixture ID addressing are all included!

So why not inject some excitement into your light show? Pick up the pace with the Blade QFX!

12x 10-watt R/G/B/W 4-in-1 CREE® LEDs
User selectable 13 or 25 DMX channels
Automated and DMX controllable 4-quadrant pixel effects
Blazing fast 540° pan and 270° tilt
Razor-sharp 10° beam angle
1-30 per second adjustable strobe
Full color mixing in standalone, master/slave and DMX modes
Built-in automated programs via master/slave
Built-in sound activated programs via master/slave
Defeatable pan/tilt correction with trim adjustment
Fixture ID based DMX settings
3-pin male input and 3-pin female output
PowerCon compatible AC power In/Out connectors
Compact, high quality housing - See more at:

Operating Voltage: AC 110-250VAC, 50-60 Hertz
Power Consumption: 112W, 1.5A (full white)
Power Factor: .59

Light Source
LED: 12x 10-watt R/G/B/W CREE® LEDs

Beam Angle: 10°

Max. Operating Temp.: 104 degrees F (40 degrees C) ambient

USITT DMX-512 (13/25 Channels)
3-pin Input/Output
4-button menu with LCD display
Operating Modes: Standalone, Master/Slave, Sound Active, Color Preset

Weight & Dimensions
Length: 13.4 inches (34 cm)
Width: 9.5 inches (24 cm)
Height: 14.8 inches (37.5 cm)
Weight: 11.5 lbs (5.2 kg)

2-year limited warranty, does not cover malfunction caused by damage to LEDs.

Lux / Meter RGBW Red Green Blue White
1M 27,500 9,100 6,500 6,700 9,100
2M 8,500 2,800 2,000 2,800 2,800