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The MOTÖR 61 from Behringer is a 61-key master keyboard controller that features all the accoutrements required to take total command over virtual instruments or any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). The velocity and aftertouch sensitive, semi-weighted full-sized keys, 60 mm motorized faders, and backlit drum pads provide hands-on control, and a hardware-based arpeggiator enables the triggering of arpeggios with software and hardware synthesizers while creating complex arrangements on the fly.

Endless rotary encoders not only provide accurate parameter changes but also deliver immediate feedback about the state of the software, plus a backlit transport section puts all playback and record functions right at your fingertips. The backlit LCD screen provides easy-to-read information and a variety of useful presets allow you to start creating quickly, without mapping or recall. Like the keyboard, the eight back-lit drum pads are velocity and pressure sensitive for drum programming/performance and sample or loop triggering.

MIDI and Mackie Control modes automatically map all sixty-one keys to the commonly used parameters of most popular software instruments and audio workstations. Communication with a Mac or PC and instruments is via USB or dedicated MIDI In/Out/Thru connectors that include merge functionality. And the company's website offers free downloads of audio recording, editing and podcasting software which comes with 150 instrument and effect plug-ins.

Sixty-one semi-weighted full-size keys featuring velocity and after-touch sensitivity
Nine motorized 60mm touch-sensitive faders to control DAW mixers, drawbar organs, soft synthesizers, or effect units
Eight backlit drum pads with velocity and pressure-sensitivity for drum and sample-loop performance
Standard MIDI and Mackie Control modes
Hardware-based arpeggiator allows creation of complex patterns regardless of software limitations
Precise, illuminated endless rotary encoders with LED rings provide a clear overview of all software parameters
Backlit transport section
Quick individual bank select for faders, encoders and pads
Large backlit LCD screen for optimal overview, easy editing and quick status check
Built-in presets - no complex mapping required; additional free user presets for your favorite software/hardware assignments
Flexible communication via USB or MIDI including merge functionality
Plug and play with Mac OS X and Windows XP or higher operating systems
Free downloadable audio recording, editing, and podcasting software, plus 150 instrument/effect plug-ins