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by ADJ

This P36 LED System from American DJ contains 4 lightweight versatile pinspots (each 2 lbs/0.9 kg) with 0-100% dimming and 61 (21 red, 19 green, 21 blue) long-life LEDs/fixture that make almost any color available to you using the Auto, Sound Active, or DMX Control mode.

In Auto mode, the P36 automatically displays a smoothly scrolling chase of colors--the rate can be controlled via a speed knob on the spotlight. In Sound Active mode, the light reacts to the music and displays color chases through different built-in programs. In DMX control mode, the electronic 0-100% dimming and the RGB color mixing let you adjust the brightness of each color, the bright/dim sequencing of the colors, the color mixing and the strobing to create a show completely customized to your needs. With 6 DMX channels, you can control each individual trait using a standard DMX-512 controller.

The low-heat, low-UV, low power usage (0.1A) operation of this fixture makes it ideal for a wide variety of uses--mobile DJs, clubs, stage productions, concerts, churches, etc. And the LED light won't cause fading or discoloration, so it's perfect for displays, exhibits and close-range architectural applications.

The P36 comes with both a hanging bracket and a metal tabletop mount, giving you the flexibility of positioning it above or below an illuminated object.

Also included is the 96-channel DMX Duo recorder/controller with 8 FX channels, an FX timer, separate DMX outputs for FX (8 channels) and intelligent lights (96 channels), 8 chases and 2 shows (each with 99 steps), and Mix or Sequence playback for chases and shows. The DMX Duo also has manual and audio triggers, separate speed and fade control, and a programmable strobe button.

A 9' (2.74 m) tripod light stand and a 25' (7.6 m) and three 10' (3 m) cables round out this impressive lighting setup. Supplied for use with 120VAC.

P36 LED Par Can

LED pinspot with RGB color mixing
DMX-512 protocol
Very smooth projection on walls with rich palates of color created by mixing the Red, Green and Blue LEDs.
Emits extremely low heat and UV--great for architectural applications and performance stages
Electronic dimming 0-100%
Smooth color scrolling with Auto Mode
Includes hanging bracket and metal stand for table-top mount

DMX Duo Controller

Single space DMX Recorder/Controller
Accepts DMX information from any standard DMX controller
96 DMX channels (intelligent lights)
8 DMX FX channels (on/off effects)
FX Timer (1, 3, 5, & 10 intervals)
Separate DMX outputs for FX and Intelligent lights (outputs on rear)
8 Chases (99 steps each)
2 Shows (99 steps each, programmable hold & fade times)
Mix or Sequence playback for chases and shows
Audio trigger
Manual trigger
USB gooseneck light input
Separate speed and fade control
Strobe button (programmable)
Machine input and trigger button--compatible with MB-1000, Stallion, Vapor- Flow, Fog Storm-1200HD and Fog Storm-1700HD
RS232 (input on rear)
3-pin XLR In/Out (intelligent lights)
3-pin XLR (FX Out)